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Aug 16, 2018
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Hermitage is one the largest and oldest museum in Europe. It’s located in St. Petersburg. Was founded in 1700s by Russian Queen. With all those years it was growing in size adding more and more nearby historical buildings to its complex. Even the famous Tsar’s Winter Palace – which was stormed during 1917 revolution is now also a part of a Hermitage. It has vast underground complexes beneath it and those are inhabited by numerous cats. Russian blogger Commandante went there and took photos of cat inhabitans. Cats are fully legal residents of this space. They have medicaments, food and other supplies stored for them by museum workers:

This was cats supply room.

Cat’s supplies.

Every cat is being examed by a vet. Here is a vet station in one of Hermitage cellars.

Every cat is vaccinated.

One of the Hermitage sponsors is a Russian vet clinic, so it supports the cats and has a doctor on site.

Cats fill pretty cozy.

And there are hundred of cats in Hermitage undergrounds.

How many cats do you see on this photo?


Some Hermitage sponsors buy the cats branded houses.

Also Hermitage gives away its cats for adoption.

Any person can get a cat from them.

Anyone adopts a cat here gets a free Hermitage ticket.

Also he can bring his cat for a free vet inspection and treatment for life to the sponsor clinic.

Next time you visit St.Petersburg you might be considering getting one cat from a Hermitage.

At least you know that there is such a possibility now. Just ask – can I see the cats?


And now the cats.


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