Sunni, Shia, and U.S.


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Sep 21, 2012
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An interesting piece about a most complicated situation by Angelo M. Codevilla, So, she gives us explanations of what is happening – but I don't see any solutions presented. It's clear to me that there will NEVER be a rapprochement between the two sides. So, will this continue until just one or the other remains?

As the Muslim world’s Sunni and Shia confessions tear at each other’s vitals along the Fertile Crescent from Mesopotamia through Syria and into Lebanon, some Americans’ regrets that we are not involved are based on the premise that this war is between moderates and extremists, and that our interest is to ensure the moderates’ victory. In fact however “moderation,” “extremism” and “al Qaeda” are categories that fit American prejudices better than they do than local realities. The war is about complex social, racial and religious hatreds accumulated over centuries

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