Soros funded DA loses primary

I witnessed an election for DA in one of the five boroughs. There was a “queer Latina” (her word choice) running who was one of the extreme liberal social justice warrior types. Her background was as a public defender. She engaged in some actual campaigning and got the discussion amongst the reporters and other candidates to truly move the needle.

It almost became anathema for a candidate to suggest that it was a goal and objective of an elected District Attorney to “fight crime” and to seek to isolate criminals from the general population of society.

That was deemed to be too “incareratory.”

The actual prosecutors failed to make their more old fashioned but rational case.

Although the loopy public defender candidate didn’t win (coming way too, close just the same), the one who won doesn’t seem to care about proactively prosecuting very many cases.

The relatively new NY laws concerning bail don’t help prosecutors much in any event.

It is the general public who suffers.
Fact: Soros does not fund DAs

I could post more.


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