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Saddam-Lite Allawi Wins In Iraq--(Palin's Foregin Policy "Analysis" Tanks!)


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Feb 22, 2009
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The Iraq vote for a new government apparently goes to former leader, Ayad Allawi. This is more the Saddam Hussein kind of guy that they like, in their own nation. For one thing, even though Allawi is Shia of affiliation, mostly he prefers the company of Arabs, and not Iran.

Iraq: Challenger wins most seats - Conflict in Iraq- msnbc.com

Many complain that he is not a nice guy, but that's what they were even saying about Saddam Hussein! The fact is, Allawi probably has no Weapons of Mass Destruction either, and probably knows that Iran is on the brink

Now if Obama can just get the troops to leave completely, and even faster, then likely the region can get back to the politics they knew about before: And before anyone had ever heard of Sarah Palin. Palin had asked her 60's-styled, "Tea Party," followers about Iran. And so the planet has provided an answer, way before the situation gets completely out-of-hand, at the insistence of the GOP.

It is noted that GOP was probably more inclined to some nature of military incursion or isolation of Iran. Of the Obama Administration, 14 months in office, that now has already happened. The planet can be said to have been led to a a start of a political resolution instead, created by the region: With no hint of even the memory of a Bush Administration.

Millions may recall that the GOP was originally supportive of a military incursion of Iraq, unaware that ancient Persia had ever existed.

An Ivy League, Yale University education(?): Seems to do that to some people!

"Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
(Peaceful resolution may mean casinos, even(?): In Baghdad!?!)
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