Bull Ring Rejecting Christians and blaming Christianity for hypocrisy that is AGAINST Christianity


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Jan 21, 2010
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Okay, now on TWO threads recently I've run into Penelope blaming "Christians and Christianity"
for hypocrisy that is clearly AGAINST Christianity.

(1) First there was a post where Penelope rejected or "refused to ever be a Christian"
because of certain other people claiming to be Christian but turning out to be hypocrites.

I felt this approach equates the "negative" politics as the meaning of "Christian"
and isn't fair to all the people practicing the true faith and charity that is the real meaning.

That's like deciding to define all "men as rapists" by pointing to all the rapists who are men,
and leaving out all the men who are not rapists. As if that's the ONLY WAY to define what men are!
So denouncing all "men" in that negative light isn't fair or accurate to imply "that's what men are."

Or pointing out all the cases where blacks have committed robberies and other crimes,
and trying to "denounce all blacks" as criminal thugs based on this image in the media.

How is that fair and NOT HURTFUL to black people who aren't like the criminal thug image
that gets all the MEDIA ATTENTION?

(2) Now Penelope posts this odd statement in another unrelated thread:

You guys will believe anything.
If tramp or some other people told you Jesus was coming, you'd say when?

Any news on Exculpatory Evidence omitted from the FISA Warrant?

How is it DEROGATORY that people believe in Jesus?
Jesus represents JUSTICE for all humanity.

Why such negative attacks?

So the purpose of this thread is to ask Penelope
(1) why can't we agree to make a DISTINCTION between the
TRUE faith and practice of Christianity which means CHARITY FOR CHARITY SAKE
vs. any hypocritical or political ABUSE of religion which is AGAINST Christianity.

When people BREAK the law, those abusive actions are recognized as AGAINST THE LAW.
So why can't abuses of Christianity be recognized as AGAINST Christianity, not EXAMPLES OF IT?

(2) Can we agree that
a. faith in Jesus means faith in Justice
b. faith in the Holy Spirit means faith in peace through forgiveness and healing
c. faith in God means faith in Universal Truth and Laws or collective knowledge and wisdom
that unites all people as one

What does it take to AGREE on definitions and distinctions between
A. TRUE Christianity that is selfless love and equal charity/justice for others
B. FALSE religious and political abuses that are hypocritical and selfish

I challenge and invite Penelope to BE FAIR to the true Christian
followers who ought to be credited as examples of what Christianity means.

And admit it ISN'T FAIR to take the hypocrisy and political abuses
and confuse or claim Christianity to mean that misconduct.

Again, this is as inaccurate, unfair and HURTFUL as it is to take
the worst examples of "black criminals" and promote the generalization that "ALL BLACKS"
are defined that way and should all be denounced. Or to take the worst examples of male rapists and abusers and promote the generalizations that "ALL MEN" are defined that way and should be denounced.

How is it fair to paint Christians and Christianity by the worst abuses and faults of hypocrites,
and totally ignore and exclude all the GOOD examples that are the ACCURATE practice of Christianity?



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Nov 29, 2016
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To be fair, the poster Penelope hates Jews just as much as he hates xtians.

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