Racialism as scapegoating


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Jul 22, 2010
Stockholm, Sweden
Many people, perhaps a majority, need scapegoats, because it is part and parcel of their psychic economy. It does not depend on a "misunderstanding". Rather, it a way of "feeling good" by transferring one's own inferior nature to another person. It actually helps to maintain psychical and physical health, which explains why it was, in historical culture, institutionalized as human sacrifice. Historically, the Jews have served this purpose well.

However, this scapegoating stratagem is very pronounced in the black population. My own experience of black people is decidedly bad. Many Blacks take all chances to be a nuisance. They are contemptuous, and spit after you as you walk by. They tend to "eyeball" white men. So this form of racism is ubiquitous. In my estimate, Black people are worse racists than Whites. Crime statistics is extremely lopsided toward black-on-white violent crime. In fact, according to government statistics, a black man is 8-9 times more likely to commit violent crime than a white man.

The "anti-racist" discourse, which one-sidedly paints Whites as racists and Blacks as victims, aptly exemplifies black contempt for the white race. It builds on the idea that Blacks are innocent victims, free of sin, whereas Whites are the only culprits. Everybody knows this to be a lie. As long as black intellectuals keep lying about facts, maintaining their racist agenda, everybody will just neglect their arguments as racist propaganda. It is sad that important facts about the psychological wounds of racism, which I know to be true, must be presented within a racist ideological framework.

Jesus establishes this rule: one should first clean the "inside of the cup" before pretending to be clean on the outside. The notion that Blacks are innocent victims, free of the original sin of scapegoat psychology, and that their criminality, drug addiction, and laziness, is solely the consequence of oppression of Whites, is a lie that itself builds on a racist notion. As long as black intellectuals maintain this lie, nobody can take them seriously. The dark side of human nature belongs equally much to the black race. (In fact, crime statistics says that Blacks are even more affected by "original sin" than Whites, but this is a complicated issue involving many factors of sociology, etc.)

Statistically, Blacks are prey to violence and oppression from black people, predominantly. Black women aren't called women anymore, but "bitches". So why shouldn't we address the main problem, the victimization of Blacks by their own peer group? And why shouldn't we expose the racism among Blacks, which is an even bigger problem than racism among Whites. In my experience, Blacks are horribly prejudiced, and very aggressive, especially immigrants from Africa. And everything is the white people's fault, because Blacks are never to blame. Moreover, they are supposed to be equally ambitious and responsible as the white people in society.

This rhetoric is ludicrous, because everyone can see how false it is. How on earth are we going to resolve this problem if people continue to reason in this infantile way? It is time to wake up and see reality as it is. Race-relations is a very problematic issue, and we must make use of our intellectual faculty. Please be more intelligent! I write about the race issue here:
The Burning Issue: Race and Racialism

M. Winther
The OP is spot on. The truth hurts, therefore people will bend over backwards to convince themselves it's someone else's fault. This lack of intellectual honesty is one of the biggest problems the black community faces today.

You must first acknowledge that a problem exists, before you can fix it.
Since Godboy does not have the best interests of the black community at heart, his concerns can be dismissed.

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