1. B

    Bullying because of racism I am in 7th grade

    “You can't delete racism. It's like a cigarette. You can't stop smoking if you don't want to, and you can't stop racism if people don't want to. But I'll do everything I can to help.” -Mario Balotelli From personal experience, and hearing stories I have realized that bullying and teasing...
  2. Bruce_T_Laney

    CDZ Bullying: Let Discuss it

    When I was a kid I was bullied. Now I know that is hard to believe but it is true. Now let discuss were you the bully or victim? How has it affected you later in life? If you were the bully and met your victims today would you ask for forgiveness? If you were the victim of bullying would you...
  3. TheProgressivePatriot

    The Trump Effect’: Hatred, Fear And Bullying On The Rise In Schools

    We all know that this has been a divisive election cycle thanks to the over the top, belligerent spectacle of Donald The Trump. Almost everyone who is to comatose has been effected, but one group has been seemingly overlooked. I am talking about our young , school age people, and minority...
  4. mlw

    Racialism as scapegoating

    Many people, perhaps a majority, need scapegoats, because it is part and parcel of their psychic economy. It does not depend on a "misunderstanding". Rather, it a way of "feeling good" by transferring one's own inferior nature to another person. It actually helps to maintain psychical and...

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