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Jul 26, 2009
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President Trump's Tariffs:

I did not vote for a Democrat or a Republican 2017 presidential candidate or for their electoral college supporters. I indicated my rejection by voting for a less than electable 3d party candidate, demonstrating my opposition to the declared policies of both major parties and their candidates.
I am not among those that squandered their votes in favor of candidates for which they had no confidence. I was particularly opposed to Donald Trump. Although I certainly wish our president well, president Trump's administration has not earned my confidence.

I'm a proponent of the improved policy described by Wikipedia's “Import Certificates” article. It is superior to free trade or tariff policy. It would very significantly reduce, if not entirely eliminate USA's chronic annual trade deficits in a manner that would increase USA's domestic production and numbers of jobs more than otherwise.

I'm among those that believe Trump's tariffs on aluminum and steel will not do so, but the tariffs limitations would rather reduce our net production and numbers of jobs more than otherwise. If we are going to tax imported aluminum and steel, it's preferable that we tax all USA imports to the extents they contain aluminum or steel.

It's not logical to “protect” USA steel mills but leave their USA customers at disadvantage to imports using cheaper foreign steel. When their USA customers are crowded out of the markets, where's the market for USA steel produced by higher earning USA labor? Additionally, because tariffs, unlike Import Certificates would only be applicable to steel and aluminum, those USA products will continue to be crowded out by any goods or service products that could serve as an alternative to products made with steel or aluminum.

But if the Trump administration can succeed to reduce USA's chronic annual trade deficits of goods, and increase our domestic production and numbers of jobs more than otherwise, regardless of all my other objections to the Trump administration, I would be highly likely to vote in favor of re-electing president Donald Trump.

Refer to Wikipedia's “Import Certificates” article.
Respectfully, Supposn
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