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  1. edthecynic

    China makes Trump blink, again!

    After China announces it will buy no more US farm products Trump blinks and moves back tariffs to December. Tramp is LOSING badly his easy to win trade war with China. China reportedly halts US agricultural imports in retaliation for Trump's tariff increase...
  2. toobfreak

    Chinas's Growth Now At 27 Year Low As Trump's Tariff Knife Cuts Deeper

    China is feeling the pain as the continued trade war with the USA looms on. Trump has the red empire by the throat slowly cutting off its air and all he needs to do now is stay the pressure because sooner or later, Xi Jingping is going to cry uncle despite his pride because he needs us more...
  3. Neil Austen

    Trump Tariff Man Gong Show

    Quite an economic gong show Trump is cooking up here with his "Tariff Man" persona. Trump is a disaster. Quite a stark difference between the leaders of countries. For example China's leader honestly tells his people that there may be a hard road ahead so they should prepare themselves...
  4. Neil Austen

    Trump is taxing Americans to death

    Trump is taxing Americans to death. I hope Americans and Trump supporters realize that tariff is just another word for TAX, paid by Americans collected by their government. Since the Chinese Tariffs Trump is forcing on American importers who will pass the cost down to American consumers as...
  5. S

    President Trump's Tariffs

    President Trump's Tariffs: I did not vote for a Democrat or a Republican 2017 presidential candidate or for their electoral college supporters. I indicated my rejection by voting for a less than electable 3d party candidate, demonstrating my opposition to the declared policies of both major...
  6. X

    Now. here IS stupid. bigly

    Trump likes tariffs! He thinks it will protect American jobs? Jobs for the workers? No. Economic research from any country, including America. says NO, it does not create more jobs. It costs jobs, it may kill unwanted imports, but it also kills off vital American exports to the same...

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