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  1. S

    President Trump's Tariffs

    President Trump's Tariffs: I did not vote for a Democrat or a Republican 2017 presidential candidate or for their electoral college supporters. I indicated my rejection by voting for a less than electable 3d party candidate, demonstrating my opposition to the declared policies of both major...
  2. King Friday

    CDZ Do we need a VIABLE third party in the U.S.?

    We all know that the Democrats and Republicans agree on precious little these days. Some would say that it hamstrings the Federal Government but that slowing down the Federal Government is a good thing. "This country has come to feel the same when Congress is in session as when the baby gets...
  3. CelloX

    Would you vote for a third party or independent if they could win?

    Throwing the lesser evil dilemma and lack of winning independent/third party candidates out the window for a second, would you even want to vote for someone outside of the reigning parties if they matched your views more?
  4. CelloX

    Would you be willing to join/support a party like this?

    Principles: A economically center/left party with Christian values (I think, I am obviously not the most knowledgable person when it comes to political definitions). Issue stances: -Against abortion -Against gay marriage, although willing to aim for a separation of marriage from government...
  5. Never3ndr

    Third Party or Party Loyalty?

    With Trump securing the Republican nomination and the likely nomination of Hillary we are likely to see a clash between Clinton and Trump for our general election. Now, I know that Trump has many zealot-like supporters here. However, there are many anti-Trump posters. Hillary, as far as I...
  6. washamericom

    bernie sanders as a third party candidate.

    maybe Bernie is the first candidate to run as an independent, that pulls votes from the left. he's a wildcard, to be sure. Bernie Sanders Explains Why He’ll Never Run as Third-Party Candidate never say never B man. either way Vermont is proud to have him.

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