1. Timmy O. Goodwin

    Zone1 Is the GOP at a Crossroads?

    Donald Trump won the South Carolina Republican primary, moving closer to the GOP nomination. Despite losing, Nikki Haley, the state's former governor, is not giving up, showing what appears to be deep differences within the Republican Party. Trump's success in early primaries shows he has...
  2. Cellblock2429

    BREAKING: New records prove Fani lied under oath

    Cell phone records obtained by President Trump’s attorneys prove Fulton County DA Fani Willis had an affair with Nathan Wade before he was appointed Special Prosecutor. Thousands of calls between Wade/Willis. Tens of thousands of texts. Late-night hookups at Willis’s apartment. These records...
  3. FDR_Reagan

    Your reaction on Trump ad?

    Is it effective? __ New Ad from Team Trump: “Burning Down” From Trump War Room. Dec 28, 2023.
  4. FDR_Reagan

    CO Supreme Court rules Trump is disqualified from presidency for Jan. 6 riot

    What is his next move, appeal? Colorado Supreme Court rules Trump is disqualified from presidency for Jan. 6 riot
  5. Mark Richard

    Human nature and the correlation with history

    Do you ever consider the human nature of people throughout history starting from yesterday and beyond?
  6. Pastelli

    Latest poll: Trump lead over Biden Question: 1. Will the Dems. now nominate an alternative to Biden? 2. Does DeSantis have a chance?
  7. J

    Mike Pence gives finger to Constitution during Republican debate

    During last night’s debate, after whining and dinning our ears to how loyal he is to the Constitution, with reference to President Trump and the 2020 election, Mike Pence went on to take a dump on the Constitution by indicating he wants Congressional legislation banning abortion. Pence stated...
  8. J

    Business Insider misleads its readers on birthright citizenship.

    . See: Birthright citizenship is guaranteed in the US Constitution. Both Trump and DeSantis want it gone, and they'll need the court's help to do it. Madison Hall writes: “As granted by the 14th Amendment, which was ratified in 1868, anybody born in the United States is guaranteed...
  9. Litwin

    Parliamentary inquiry exposes collusion between French Nazis and Moscow • FRANCE 24 English

    What's French for "I'd Rather be a Muscovite than a Democrat" ? Not a surprise...
  10. TheProgressivePatriot

    New books on Waco and the KKK provide context for understanding Trump

    Just a little food for thought for all of the Trump worshipers. Time to take stock Selected Excerps: THINK about it............
  11. SavannahMann

    Blatant double standard.

    Every time some poor Black guy gets beaten to death we hear the Right Wing pontificate about how the accused should be smart and fight it out in court. Black guy gets killed. He should have complied and fight it out in court. Now. Trump is charged with a crime. I’ve said several times. I don’t...
  12. S

    Russian money to Trump campaign

    Russian money to Trump campaign GOP operative sentenced in scheme to funnel Russian money to Trump campaign. Refer to GOP operative sentenced in scheme to funnel Russian money to Trump campaign (
  13. The Original Tree

    ESG, The World Economic Forum, and Sustainable Development are Slowly Destroying Nation's Economies.

    ESG, Sustainable Development, Agenda 2030, Climate Change, Banning Petro Powered Cars, Election Fraud, Illegal Immigration, Drug Trafficking, Legalization of Drugs, Human Trafficking, The Alphabet Pedo Grooming Lobby, Transgenderism, Wokeness, CRT. Cryptocurrency, World Economic Forum. COVID 19...
  14. The Original Tree

    The Biden Regime wants to Illegally Outlaw The American Sports Car and Muscle Car

    Have you taken a look at the prices of used and new vehicles in the United States, specifically Sports and Muscle cars? Holy Inflation Batman! This is not being driven by so called supply chain issues, but is being driven by panic buying due to illegal mandates coming out of the illegitimate...

    Biden Administration Should Revisit its Stance on this Issue!

    In May 2022, the Biden administration withdrew its assistance from the normalization between Sudan and Israel, which was initiated by the Trump administration during US-Sudan negotiations that ended with removing Sudan from the terror list in December 2020. Biden administration's decision was...
  16. The Duke

    It's Over; The FBI and DOJ done messeded up bigly.

    It's over! I thought FBI had to have 2 years of law school? Apparently they have never studied precedents of former presidents and Vice Presidents taking things home with them. There are many, many listed in this court case here where the judge ruled Clinton got to keep the tapes he made: " NARA...
  17. TheGreatGatsby

    Two Years Later: Was The 2020 Presidential Election Stolen?

    Was the 2020 presidential election stolen? Here is the framework for casting your vote in the poll: 1. You decipher whether you are conservative or liberal for the sake of the poll. There is no in between. 2. You say yes or no on the election stolen. Gun to your head, you have to choose the...
  18. Cellblock2429

    BREAKING: Biden admin creates Arctic region ambassador position. No, it’s not the Onion Next time the Trump Haters call DJT stupid or that he made dumb decisions, remind them Joe wants an Ambassador to a frozen wasteland. I nominate Al Gore or John Kerry.
  19. Cellblock2429

    BREAKING: Judge Makes 'Preliminary Intent To Appoint A Special Master

    It ain’t over yet. This is the link: BREAKING: Trump Scores Major Victory Against DOJ, Judge Gives Him What He Wants A federal judge has announced his preliminary intent to appoint a special master, as requested by the attorneys for former President Donald Trump, to review documents that the FBI...
  20. TheProgressivePatriot

    Florida Lawmaker Demands State Police ‘Physically Prevent’ Federal Law Enforcement From Investigating or Arresting Trump This is insanity ! Who thinks that this is a good idea? State and Federal authorities in a physical confrontation with each other? This is...
  21. The Original Tree

    Should Garland Resign to Protect The Biden Regime?

    It's pretty clear that Garland is a political hack and based on everything I have heard, simply authorized a panty raid to make a big scene for materials that were already agreed to be handed over like most outgoing presidents usually do. Garland either took orders directly from the...
  22. S

    Department of Justice fears charging rioters for sedition

    The expenses of House hearings regarding January 6, 2021 are unjustified if our department of justice fears the political consequences of indicting any rioters for a charge of sedition. On January 6, 2021 a mob besieged the U.S. Capitol building for the purpose of delaying and possibly...
  23. Fort Fun Indiana

    Would you lie under oath to protect or to smear Trump?

    Would you lie under oath to protect Trump? (If you had info that could damage him or expose him legally, for example). Or, would you lie under oath to slander Trump? If yes to either, answer yes.
  24. S

    Biden's our truly elected president and the Democratic Party leadership behaves stupidly.

    Our U.S. Department of Justice has permitted January 6th rioters to plead guilty to crimes of trespassing, and/or damaging property, and/or assaulting law enforcing officers, without also including the charge of sedition. Biden's administration has done an injustice to our nation that encourages...
  25. SavannahMann

    Trump talks endorsing Stacy Abrams for Georgia Governor.

    The Georgia Republican Primary should be heating up. But every poll shows that the Current Governor Kemp is the odds on favorite. So long as he continues he will almost certainly win the nomination. And that is something that Donald Trump would rather not happen. He’s done several speeches about...
  26. Astrostar

    Trump the Criminal! Wow! We are talking felony here! But then again, this is a judge talking, someone expert on the law, a member of the same fraternity of judges who refused Trump's efforts to steal the 2020 election through the courts...
  27. ChemEngineer

    Science is Hard If You're a Democrat

    A woman just delivered a newborn and hears it cry out beneath her surgical coverings over her bent knees: "Doctor, is it a boy or a girl!" Doctor: "I don't know. I'm not a biologist. We'll have to wait until it's 16 or 18 to find out which of the 54 sexes it chooses to be." New Mother: "Did...
  28. JGalt

    President Trump just filed a lawsuit against Hillary over the "Russian Collusion" allegations

    Shit's fixin' to get real, yo. Case 2:22-cv-14102-XXXX Document 1 Entered on FLSD Docket 03/24/2022 Page 1 of 108 "UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF FLORIDA CASE NO. DONALD J. TRUMP, Plaintiff, v. HILLARY R. CLINTON, HFACC, INC., DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL COMMITTEE, DNC SERVICES...
  29. Litwin

    Famous Moscow imperialist and ex FSB colonel Girkin (Strelkov): Muscovite troops are "tied" everywhere. We cannot win without universal mobilization

    Famous Moscow imperialist and ex FSB colonel Girkin (Strelkov): Muscovite troops are "tied" everywhere. We cannot win without universal mobilization Former FSB colonel Igor Girkin was the main figure in the creation of the so-called "Donetsk People's Republic" in 2014. He was the...
  30. Litwin

    putin´s gang Bring Mobile Cremation Machines Onto Battlefield In Ukraine/ nazis-cremating-Jews-to-hide-evidence-of-their-deaths kind of chilling…

    putin´s gang Bring Mobile Cremation Machines Onto Battlefield In Ukraine I don’t know why but this is so chilling. Like, nazis-cremating-Jews-to-hide-evidence-of-their-deaths kind of chilling…

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