Political Cartoon


Your party will go down as the master's at setting people up, but when we look at the character's involved in the war in Heaven, then we easily see the same types of character's operating in the Democrat party today.

Well we know the outcome of the war that took place in heaven, and in a matter of time it is that we shall see the exact same results as was the case we have read about in our Bibles, and next in our hands on experiences.

Biden will do and say anything in order to retain power, and that includes many despicable disgusting things that you leftist want in life, but what's crazy is that they allow you leftist to adopt. 🤔

If you have no respect for a human fetus growing inside of A WOMAN, and therefore the fetus is developing nicely within the womb, to of course not be killed by you Democrat's in a larger way. One can't heĺp what manor of abuse might these poor children be subjected too when they are adopted by these psycho's ??

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