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(Obama)"... more likeable candidate".


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Oct 26, 2011
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From another blog posted by Chip Bridgeville•

"... more likeable candidate". Excuse me but what do you find likeable about someone who admits to his literary agent that he was born in Kenya, whose 3 closest relatives were all deported or given a stay of deportation by Liberal judges, who wife admitted on tape that her husband was born in Kenya, who's own Grandmother is on tape stating that she was in the room when he was born in Kenya, and who cursed openly in the White House after a REAL statesman, Mr. Netayahu, schooled him in the state of affairs n the Middle East, and someone who doesn't know how to pronounce "Corpsman" nor knows what one is,and what exactly is likeable about someone who has cost the taxpayer over $1 billion in 4 years for entertainment including 17 vacations, one of which required renting out ALL 500 rooms at a Spanish luxury hotel for 400 of Moochelle's closest friends. What is likeable about a First Lady who has hired 40 assistants, most First Ladies had 1. What is likeable about the alleged homosexual affairs including the alleged murders of former gay lovers, and what is likeable about someone who appointed gays to the Supreme Court and a homosexual to be the "Safe School" Czar? What is there to like about someone who caused the death of 4 Americans in Benghazi and who enacted legislation in Illinois to allow for the murder of aborted fetuses that survived and breathed air because the Liberal woman "intended" to have an abortion, but the child miraculously survived and then was tossed into a linen closet to die. And WHAT IS LIKEABLE ABOUT OBAMA who ten tried to COVER UP THE LEGISLATION THAT ALLOWS FOR THE MURDER OF THESE CHILDREN THAT SURVIVED ABORTION? Only in a Liberal mind. Hack ptui.

Dick Tuck

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Aug 29, 2009
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I hope that when Romney loses, he'll contribute his time to the next zombie parade.

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