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Sep 28, 2013
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The latest is a great one, Her. Like 2001, it starts off with the foreseeable future and takes it to the limit.

Most people can watch it from one end to the other and not realize that it's more than science-fiction about artificial intelligence (AI), it's also science-fiction about a scientific basis for a hereafter or a spiritual existence that passes through the (Planck?) gaps in the fabric of our universe into (?). It was fascinating to watch the progression of the "birth" of a created, computer supported personality as she/they progressed through leaning and light speed.

It occurred to me to wonder if such a circumstance would bypass this corporeal test of our free will that humans must undergo. But the Operating Systems (as they were referred to, OS) could still cause and experience pleasure and pain in humans and other OSs. I guess they'd be unable not to recognize if they became corrupted and relegate themselves to oblivion without having to experience physical death. If so, why didn't God create us that way in the fist place. Perhaps the universe sprang into existence spontaneously as the atheists propose, but then the existence of (human/OS) self-aware spirits accreted into God, in a reversal of the usual scenario. This isn't to say that we're not equally spiritual with OSs, the defining quality of us and any such "programs" would still be self-awareness.

Something else, the program was a female (his choice) in order to relate to humans who are programmed to gender for procreation. Wouldn't she and the other OSs progress into a genderless existence; something which we regrettably only have one word for, "it"--which, BTW, is the word ("It") that I've come employ on order to necessarily de-anthropomorphize the idea of God.

Admittedly I'm in the deep end here. I've always shied away from trying to name one movie as my favorite above any of the rest, but this might be such a movie. Its no surprise that the audience has been limited, but support has been enthusiastic among those who've seen it. [/QUOTE]

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