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And now you have to introduce magic.

Upon doing so, you disqualify yourself from any rational discussion.

It's basically just cheating. Rigging the rules.

When all else fails, claim magic.

No meat eaters prior to the flood? That's a demonstrable lie. You would fail a 7th grade science quiz, with that.

Yes, with magic, nothing can be ruled out. Unfortunately for you, that includes all the other religions you think are false.
God doesn't need magic. He is power. He created the whole universe and every living being. By power and wisdom, science and math.
It's a great tale to illustrate redemption.

The Bible, when seen as fiction, can work as a tool. As long as you are willing to ignore huge parts.

The problem is, a lot of religious people say the Bible HAPPENED and it ALL TRUE.
Correct. However, that is coming to an end with new technologies. It’s you and your minions that refuse to acknowledge the new technologies. Same thing with Book of Mormon cities and evidence. New evidence suggests Zarahemla was in North America with the Hopewell Indians. It’s now known the Mayan and Hopewell are most lithe same people. New evidence is making this a possibility. But, you can’t use your old data as this is all new.

Hopewell populations originated in western New York and moved south into Ohio, where they built upon the local Adena mortuary tradition. Or, Hopewell was said to have originated in western Illinois and spread by diffusion... to southern Ohio. Similarly, the Havana Hopewell tradition was thought to have spread up the Illinois River and into southwestern Michigan, spawning Goodall Hopewell. (Dancey 114)
100$ wrong, by all genetic and geological evidence.

This old lie can 100% be ruled out.

No global flood. No genetic bottleneck.

All lies. Please.don't brainwash and twist the minds of young peope with these lies.
There are much worse things for young minds. Reading the story of the flood doesn't account for our emotionally screwed up youth. Liberal, atheistic ideologies are far more damaging.
I grew up in a town of geologists in the Middle East. They have taken thousands.. 10s of thousands of core samples. There's no global flood sediment.
Why would there be? Almost everyone is either searching for, or debunking, a flood that never happened. Read about the real one in the Bible. Warning: It requires actual thought and study.
Nope. There's zero geologic reference for a global flood. It's a morality tale.
Why would there be uniform geological evidence of a global flood? There is no global 'bathtub ring' left by the flood.
Look, if you're going to jump into a conversation, try and understand what is being said.

A rectangular cuboid.

View attachment 958268

You take the length and you multiply it by the height and multiply it by the width then you get the volume.

View attachment 958269

A boat, if you take the length, and multiply it by the width and multiply it by the height, you WILL NOT GET THE VOLUME because the length, width and height are not CONSISTENT.
Exactly! Now think about that.
Look, you have the Ark, the Ark has been defined in the Bible as being a certain size.

Does this mean it was a cuboid or does it mean it was boat shaped?

"the ark is to be 300 cubits long, 50 cubits wide, and 30 cubits high"

A cuboid?

I think not.

So the point is if you take 300*50*30 you do NOT get the volume of the Ark

Literally I've been told it was a "floating warehouse". And the point I'm making is: there's no evidence for this. It's called an "ark", it's a BOAT and it has certain dimensions.
Read the story. All terminology refers to a building, not a boat or ship.
And this ship was the supposedly the size of the LARGEST WOODEN SHIP EVER BUILT that needed pumps to keep it afloat.

You think anyone could build a wooden box that's going to be fit for 2 million species of animals times two? Plus their food?
Do the math. Plenty of room.
The Bible, when seen as fiction, can work as a tool. As long as you are willing to ignore huge parts.

The problem is, a lot of religious people say the Bible HAPPENED and it ALL TRUE.
Belief in the Bible starts you on a wonderful journey, one not possible through disbelief. It's the real "road less travelled". :bowdown:

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