New POLL: 72% of Americans choose saving lives over the health of the U.S. Economy.


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Jul 19, 2014
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You mean you haven't seen that video that CBS claims what shot in American when it was really shot in Italy?
You mean, you haven't seen the videos of overwhelmed hospitals, and claim they are virtually empty? Even after they have spoon-fed to you?

And that's what Trump has done to your brains. My demonstration is complete.

There have been layoffs at hospitals in Pennsylvania. A lot of elective procedures have been canceled as hospitals have cleared space for Chinese Kung Flu patients that never came. Patients have had to put off their planned Breast Augmentations, Hip Replacements and other so-called elective procedures. But the COVID patients aren't showing. Most folks aren't that sick and are just being sent home.
That is the same here. Two of our local hospitals are ghost towns. People come into the ER sure they have the virus and get sent home ,because they have no symptoms. Gov. Newsom just sent 500 ventilators to NY because they aren't needed.

The FBI spying on the rival politcal party was the greatest political scandal of our lives........the Corona Virus will be the greatest political attack on our country since the Civil War...........the model makers shut down the U.S. economy stating that deaths would be 1-2 million people......then, they lowered it to 1-2 hundred thousand, and now, quietly, almost secretly.......they lowered it to 60,415.........

Dr. Fauci, who screwed up the reaction to the AIDS either incompetent......or a member of the anti-Trump elements in our government......he should be forced to resign..........

These guys likely put our country into a Great Depression........they should never be allowed to do research again.....


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Dec 8, 2011
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Politics don't make me emotional.
How ANGRY the Trumpsters must be at their hero for advancing and enabling this national fraud!

He followed the advice of morons at the CDC and the know, the "experts" you guys worship........and they were either wrong.....or actively trying to shut down the economy to get Trump and crush the U.S.....
That's up to him. He's not the victim here, unless you're saying he's weak and someone is forcing him to go along. Or has he been fooled?

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