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Most struggle with TESHUVA & The Refiners Fire


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Jun 19, 2009
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Admission is important to REPENTANCE. Forgiveness can be a more problematic free get away with sin card if the guilty do not know or even try proper Teshuva.
Teshuva consists of three basic steps:
1)Admitting one's sin(s). This step is called vidui.
2)Feeling regret that one sinned.
3)Making a commitment not to repeat the sin.
4th is to make restitutions when possible.
You can't forgive those who know they are doing wrong, willingly do wrong, don't have regret or remorse of doing wrong, repeat the wrong act and intend to repeat the act.
Remember my post of deplorable Christian forum replies? Many had the opportunity to recognize their wrong doing and apologise. Not one apologised nor did they make an effort to recognize it as a sin nor did they stop from repeating that sin.
The free get away with sin card you carry is in the backwards ideology that you are saved and forgiven just by being in the Jesus biker gang, thus affiliation thinks it can do what it wants and be forgiven by showing their membership card.
That is where the hippy attitude of blanket forgiveness (without proper teshuva) is harmful and not practical in the real world.
Example: We forgave the church for the crusades, but then they repeated the sin during the Inquisition.
We forgave them for the Inquisition, nothing got resolved so they influenced and repeated the behavior during the Holocaust.
Another Example: People eventually forgave the Baath party Sunnis for the treatment of Kurds and Shiites, so without Teshuva they in turn repeated the sins attacking a offshoot sect of Kurds and now Shiite majority Iraqi gov't.
Sometimes you have to be willing to be unpopular through educating the wrong doers with Unpopular TRUTH.
To Speak out and teach the way things are and should be instead of complacency, burying your head in the sand or humoring them by giving them what they want to hear (like a politician would do).

When I point out the behavior flaws I am magnifying that they have yet to be taught how to become better, how to become "completed" beings.
It's like the refiners fire analogy whereby turning up the heat(of judgment) to raise the impurities to the surface, so that they can be seen and removed (skimmed off the top) like the metal refiners do.
A process that leaves the metal more pure and perfected so the final product is a more complete pure and perfected end result product.
It''s known people would try to avoid being judged, but then their lack of reflecting on their impurities is why they maintain those yucky behavior flaws.
Lesson: don't fight judgment, learn to embrace and learn by the mistakes being pointed out. A teacher corrects your pages and you learn by them being pointed out and try to improve on them by noticing them and doing something about them. You do not improve by displacing blame on the teacher, being angry and resentful of the teacher and ignoring the corrections.
Thus were warned:
(Isaiah 33:14)“Who of us can dwell with the consuming fire(judgement)?
Who of us can dwell with everlasting burning (refining)?”

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