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Mississippi Senator Suggests Sunday Voting Will Offend God


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Feb 14, 2021
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Re: those new Georgia laws.

Every issue has more than one side. I watched last night....I think on PBS NewsHour...... the Georgia Secretary of State's CEO, a Republican, Gabriel Sterling, defend these 'voting integrity' moves.

As he did when he warned and reprimanded Don Trump for his election lies, Sterling represented Georgia well.
He speaks well, with evident sincerity. And with command of details. He offers plausible explanations for the new election laws that he was asked about.

Still, having said that, Georgia, in my opinion, has stepped in the feces. If they were sincere about election integrity they surely could have don a better job of communicating. They've got an 'optics' problem, so to speak.

Sterling himself said when dismantling Don Trump's lies that Georgia ran a clean election, and all objections or claims of fraud were investigated and found to be erroneous, or mendacious.

In other words, there was no fraud of a sufficient scope to change any election. So then, the Republican Georgia legislature enacts a raft of laws that address alleged frauds that proved to be non-frauds.

In short, there's no there there.

Most egregious of these new laws...and one that the media has seized upon as the poster-child of mean-spirited Jim Crow....is not allowing the supplying of water to people who have long-stood in the voting line. Sterling offered an explanation that sounds credible.....but overkill. Overkill that made it be mean-spirited.

Sterling said it was to stop any political activists from using this water-charity as an opportunity to solicit votes or to campaign. OK, that is understandable. However, laws already exist barring political messaging and/or campaigning near a poll station on Election Day. Enforce those laws if it is a problem.

Georgia needlessly hoisted themselves onto the seat at the county fair dunk-tank. IMHO

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