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MH17 Boeing 777, UN aid convoy: two hit hoaxes in perfect parallel scripts with a pint of reverse


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Apr 26, 2014
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Original published Sep 19, two days after the "Syria UN aid convoy bombed" psy-op. Revised version:

MH17 Boeing 777, UN aid convoy: two hit hoaxes in perfect parallel scripts with a pint of reverse.
- "Boeing 777 MH17 hit by a missile in a war zone in east Ukraine" alias Novorussia, Jul 17 2014.
- "UN aid convoy bombed in Syria during truce", Sep 17 2016.

Basically parallel with a pint of reverse
Perfect parallelism obviously doesn't refer to both being of the same fake blood type as all "terrorist attacks" headlines since 2011.
As for the "investigation" timing, the first one "starting" days before the second one "concludes": only a detail and it stands for both parallel and reverse.

Same general base script
Perfect parallelism includes a reverse detail: on which side the fake rebels are casted each time:
1. illuminati puppets playing the "blame each other game", each time the same base "oppositors" (US and Russia) with fake rebels on one of these sides:
- US & Poroshenko v Russia & fake rebels in 2014;
- US & fake rebels v Russia & Assad in 2016.
2. "investigation to conclude that the rebels did it". The freedom loving people that are targeted by the psy-op are the real rebels:
- Novorussians fighting against the Kiev regime;
- syrians fighting Assad regime, Russia and "US led coalition".

Exposed by the same Last Prophet who first exposed Jul 2014 MH17 as a fake blood act part of the BIG BANG script that starts with the "missing Boeing 777 resurfacing at Jerusalem":
Jul 2015 - The only page worldwide explaining in advance that "they" would not confirm the wing to be from the missing Boeing.
Exposed by Last Prophet's immediately after the "MH370 wing" episode was launched on 7/30:
Headlines will be: Reunion Island's Boeing 777 wing from downed MH17 NOT from missing MH370.
Human cattle mocked to the utter limits:
Simulated reality terminated NOW: Boeing Wing will be downed MH17 not missing MH370 at the end of the day

This page to prove that someone, albeit only one, predicted "the greatest U-turn in the History of mysteries", at the reunion of two previous "Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777" acts totally staged with actors, each one of them also exposed by Last Prophet within hours.
Two gangs of illuminazi suicide bombers in action:
- "Putin" and the fake rebels, used to stage MH17 in July 2014 and blame it on the real rebels while pretending to blame it on Ukraine government.
- "Netanyahu" and the rest of Israel's government, used to stage the resurrection of Obama Bin Laden with a 9/11 remake at Jerusalem, again with pixels used to simulate the "missing" Boeing 777 crashing on Temple Mount.
End Times Prophet: Osama Bin Laden resurrects next to missing Boeing 777

Sep 2016 Syria UN convoy bombed - Agendas exposed immediately after by ... you guess:
Illuminati Agenda, illustrated with key acts of illuminati theater: Syria truce UN aid convoy bombed hoax v Dresden 1945

All in Blog
Illuminati parallel and reversed scripts: MH17 Boeing UN aid convoy hit hoaxes: Ukraine remake in Syria
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