May Jobs Report Had Miscalculated Error That Made The Unemployment Rate Look Lower Than It Is


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Jun 8, 2009
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Ok. Is this about the actual unemployment error or is this an attempt to create or maintain a conspiracy theory that Trump jacked with the numbers?
Of course Tramp jacked the numbers!
Just like he jacked the numbers for March an April, there were 642,000 fewer people employed than Tramp's BLS claimed for those 2 months.

The article says that the BLS denies that trump changed the numbers.

The BLS does acknowledge there is a problem and it will be corrected.

So expect the numbers to change.

I will point out, people are going back to a job they already had. This isn't people who were unemployed before the virus who found a job.
BLS has done nothing to correct the problem and will do nothing to correct the problem to make Tramp look good!
From the BLS:
However, according to usual practice, the data from the household survey are accepted as recorded. To maintain data integrity, no ad hoc actions are taken to reclassify survey responses.

The article says they are taking steps to correct it.

Of course it's not going to be corrected while trump is president.

Notice they didn't say when it would be corrected.
It's been going on for the last 3 months, they have no intention of correcting it while Tramp is in office.
Trim has nothing to do with it. They cannot correct it. Do you really want BLS to be able to arbitrarily change answers?


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Mar 25, 2017
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Anybody else unsurprised?

A little too convenient. The real rate is close to 17%.

Do you think the tRump *adminstration* will issue a correction?

Me neither.
Hmm, is anyone surprised a former Obama person says he believes? Not at all they're all idiots...just like you.
Yep, why am I not surprised.

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