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Martins Israel Opinion Peace.


I love Andrea & April
Mar 7, 2007
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La Mesa, CA
Feel Free to disagree, but dont attack me over it.

Israel did not steal palestinian land.

#1 Palestine was an artificial creation of the romans, who stole the land from the jews, Their is no such thing as an indiginous palestinian people.

#2 When these discussions come up, we dont discuss the pescution of non-muslims all over the world, by muslims

#3 The muslims stole israel from the christians, who stole it from the jews. And the muslims stole much of the world, from christians, and still treat non-muslims and women like 2nd class citizens

#4 The jews had every right to take pre-emptive action in 1967, they were being threatened with extermination of their entire country and people, a.k.a. being pushed into the sea, and they tried to avoid the war, but when they knew that was impossible, they took steps, to stop that from happening, which is the actual goal of pre-emtive war.

#5 Jews and christians living under muslim rule in so-called palestine were treated as 2nd class citizens

#6 The so-called palestinians never owned the land, because, the land didnt belong to them, it belonged to the jews, who had their land stolen from them, by the romans, infact, the balfour document of 1916, established the legal precident for a jewish homeland, the arabs still rioted.

#7 800,000 jews were expelled from arab countries, when israel was born

#8 the u.n. voted to make palestine a homeland for both jews and so-called palestinians

#9 the so-called palestinains not only rejected it, they ordered all palestinians to leave their homes, and could return when they killed all the jews, and destroyed israel

#10 The palestinians have never tryed for peace, see 1948, 1956,1967, 1973,1987, 2000, and in between

#11 Islamic jihad, fatah, al aqsa martyrs brigade, and others will never allow peace, and they control the palestinian people

#12 The palestinians teach their kids to become martys and recruit them to become terrorists

#13 No one in the history of warfare has ever been asked to give back land except the jews, and the jews in the 199o's tried that and it failed, and it failed recently in gaza, as it is now being used to fire rockets.

#14 Israel won a war in 1967, International law is wrong, you dont give back land, when you are threatened with annihilation by your neighbor, you kill him first.

#15 The war with lebanon was just also because the government of lebanon and the u.n. failed to control the terror groups as it was supposed to do by its own resolution

#16 The u.n. has not made one resolution condemming the palestinians, and has been completely biased of israel over the last 50 years.

#17 The u.n. allowed saddam hussein to break every resolution it passed, the u.n. is about as useless as a broken condom, and should be disbandoned, especially when they show moral support to terrorists like arafat and the president of iran.

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