Lord Ashcroft: Donald Trump Is Like Brexit In 3 Key Ways


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Mar 9, 2014
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Waiting on the Cowardly Dante!!
Always nice to have the man responsible for Brexit stand with you!

'Many in the British political and media establishment completely failed to understand that reasonable people might vote for Brexit'

“BEYOND BREXIT!” “Brexit plus!” “Brexit times ten!” Throughout his presidential run Donald Trump has claimed the mantle of the campaign that mobilized popular discontent to defy the odds and take the UK out of the European Union in June’s referendum.

And with some justification. For the last seven weeks my polling team has conducted focus groups around the U.S. for my Ashcroft In America project, and the first things to strike us were the echoes from the polling on the British referendum that occupied the first half of our year. There are three essential parallels.

First, the Trump and Brexit movements have both harnessed a desire for change that goes beyond dry questions of policy. The debate in Britain was about more than the technicalities of the UK’s relationship with its neighboring states. As I found in my post-vote poll, Leave voters thought life was getting worse for people like them, were suspicious of globalization and unhappy with the level of immigration and saw more threats than opportunities in the way society and the economy were changing. The crossover with Trump’s appeal is obvious....

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Sep 25, 2011
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The multinational corporations and their shills have a dirth of creativity and zero connection with most people. And so their sales pitch for their continued Globalist agenda is a one trick pony in its final form; "Vote for our cause or you will be branded a bigot."

That hardly compares to their competition who says "Vote for us and we will bring jobs, home security and prosperity back."

The multinationals lose and they cant figure it out because they drink their own poison by believing their own lies.
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