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Feb 24, 2005
I think this was posted last year, but it was really cool, and near where I live, too! :) I saw a kit that did this in the store the other day. There goes that guy's glory. Now all his neighbors can have the same thing, without the expertise.

I just love watching those clips. I actually saw an interview with this family on the Today Show just a bit ago. He's had to stop putting the lights on his house (neighbors were bitchin because of traffic).... he's actually made a larger display in a park somewhere near his home. It was kind of funny because his wife and kids were complaining that this year they dont even have lights on their house, and that's what started this whole mess, was the family bugging him to put chrsitmas lights up.

Wish I had the talent and expertise to do something like taht (and time actually). Id be interested to see how much those kits are going for... I bet their outrageous
My husband COULD do something like that... but he is opposed to climbing up on a cold, slippery rooftop for lights that everyone ELSE can see, but not us. :(

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