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  • Hello,
    My name is Samantha and I work for a successful production company based out of NYC. I recently responded to your post from 2004 on this site about your experience with revenge. I'm currently working on a pilot about real women who have committed acts of revenge. The producers and I LOVED your stories about peeing in the whiskey and on the toothbrush, etc. Would you be interested in having an interview over the phone within the next week to hear more about your stories? If you're interested or have any other questions you can message me back and respond with the best phone number to reach you. Thanks so much!

    Also, if your stories interest the producers after the phone call, we would pay for your travel expenses to come into NYC for a day around May 30th-31st and be filmed in studio telling your story. We're also recreating it with actors. Thanks!

    -Samantha Miller
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