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Laughing at Ourselves


Apr 1, 2011
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Sometimes it seems as though some of us bring insanity into a sane world and then yet others it's as though we are tightly gripping our sanity by tired weak fingers loosing our grip more as each ripple of cosmic particles infuse within us.

How serious is a sense of humor? Sometimes we seem to only be a people capable of laughing at others... Sometimes we also seem to only be a people that chooses to laugh at others, shunning them for their (by all appearance) idiocies rather than to laugh with them, sharing their load (even if it be of heavy aromatic manure).

It can be painful to laugh, especially at ourselves... Yet there is so little in life that can heal as effectively as a good healthy genuine laugh.

Religion isn't usually funny. The history of religion and all it's children have been scary, morbid, and horridly damaging... yet it also heals. Devils and Demons are not the only things provoked by religion's finest, by religion's revelations, so is the show of life, the medicine of life, the education of life, the love of life, the depths of life... etc.

Sometimes our confusion comes more from watching the examples of others and giving them a status above that which is from within ourselves and perhaps this is a type of idolatry that is most detrimental to our potentially priceless depths.

Our words are limited and limiting... yet our ways can reveal a great more than even the most effective and profoundly worded books.

I wouldn't be at all offended if across the board laughter is shared with me, I would be honored.... However, it is painful if the laughter is given to shun... It is likened to 'reveal a shun' and that is the leading cause of a divided people.

Is laughter a type of destroyer? Absolutely, yet most anything out of time could be. This is perhaps the why we should live within the moments we are given without seeking out those things of other dimensional spaces. It doesn't at all mean we are not meant to have access to those other dimensions it means there are achievements that allow us the necessary paths of protection (and yes, of enslavements... laws) to and through those other dimensions.

Perhaps this is the very reason we are sometimes given the diversity that we are within our current world... because we are meant to delve into the depths of individual realities and reveal the mysteries to be what they are necessarily. Phenomenally multifaceted.

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