Latest Biden whopper: “I’m a lifetime member of the NAACP”.

Biden claimed the NAACP endorsed him every time he's run...yet the NAACP stated they do not endorse candidates so just another whopper Joe Biden LIE. Dems how do you feel about your guy being a habitual liar of the first order?
His unique obsession to lie and pander to whomever he is in front of is amazing. How does he think such blatant lies won’t get called out?

The good thing is, thinking blacks are sick of his BS and are flocking to Trump.

biden god it feels good racist.jpg
Note to outraged Conservatives…

Lifetime member of the NAACP is not the same thing as Lifelong member of the NAACP
Biden has also served as Vice President to the first black President and has named the first black Vice President and first female black Supreme Court Justice

Yeah but that doesn’t mean anything. All of that can be chalked up to pandering.

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