Kerry Shook Rewind your tape on Misconceptions of Marriages


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Jun 19, 2009
Kerry Shook had a sermon on the missinformation and missconceptions on marriages.
His flock and he himself should rewind that tape, & watch his own sermon.
But this time, through the deeper
underlining spiritual message layer regarding the Bride(church) and the Groom (Moshiach).
For surely there is much missinformation and misconceptions on the ACTUAL GROOM and the ACTUAL BRIDE and their Roles within the relationship.
In Judaism the bride comes to the groom at NIGHT not by day.
It is actually kind of humorous... The day is the time for working and toiling and labouring while the night is the time when the family gets together and relaxes and joins together in many ways... So many people miss this very easy to see concept because they are too blinded by the light of the sun/ son to see the more subdued less blinding true light that shines in the night...

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