Kansas taxes

They just passed tax cuts that will, as usual, benefit the wealthiest folk.

And now they want to lure in two major league teams with incentives paid for by sales taxes, which will fall mostly on the less well off as we all know.

Red states suck.

So you want higher taxes for everyone?
It's a dilemma. Ideally, an owner foots his own bill. In reality, cities lure teams away from other cities. It's a penny ante petty game that turns in million dollar ante. The losers are taxpayers.
Fairly low, actually. We pay about $1200 a year. We have a higher sales tax. Here in Clark County it's about 9% I believe. We also have a lot of occupational fees.

New Hampshire has neither an income tax nor a sales tax, but very high property taxes.

The states are going to get their money regardless.
My property taxes are more than twice that, sales taxes are 7.5%. State income taxes are low and about to go lower for the upper half of the earners.
How much money do you think the state would generate from having the nfl and mlb there?
The state? Not that much I'm thinking. most of it goes to the owners of the teams and the stadiums.
Move out if you don’t like it maggot supreme. Thats what you suggest to all others. Go to NY or SF you bottom feeding dishonest POS. Go with gater to panama.
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The tax cut Brownback had killed this state ecomomically. Because of that cut, things mandated by the state constitution could not be met. The argument for less or no taxes is dumb. States do have responsibilities to their citizens. Tax cuts on the federal level hurt this country. Conservatives love to arrogantly pontificate, but in general tax cuts are not good and states with no income tax are just as likely to fail as those with taxes. The thing saving Nevada is the tourism industry in Las Vegas and to some extent Reno. Other than that, it would be desolate and dependent on federal assistance to survive. There had to be some incentive to lure people to go live out in the desert.
You would not see the number of people living in Nevada though without gambling. So federal assistance is mute. Progs under globalists have done a masterful job of usurping our constitution.
Only because the idiots (republicans) we so pig stupid they ran Kobach of all people.

the Dumbasses have supermajorities in both houses.
So when you started this thread and said the GOP...you were just ignorant?
The state? Not that much I'm thinking. most of it goes to the owners of the teams and the stadiums.
hahahha you are one dumb idiot....the teams pay taxes, the ower of the stadium pays taxes, the players pay taxes, the fans, many from out of state that come to see games, pay taxes, millions if not billions can be generated for the state.
Like I said, this is a trump state that is majority Republican. I also know the damage Brownback caused this state. I know what's going on here better than you. You were the one who said I didn't know how a bill is passed. whch has nothing to do with your latest comment. I stated that if she opposed the bill, it would get overridden. Thats what can happen to bills when there is a clear majority of one party when the governor or president is of the opposite party. The fact that it didn't has no bearing on your assertion of me not nowing how a law is passed.

But you want to troll because that's all your worthless ass can do.
hahaha you apparently have no clue what's going on there. This was one of the biggest issues of the year.
Thats not the question. You ran your mouth about my inability to understand how a bill was passed. That was after you tried running your mouth about Kansas having a dem governor. It doesn't matter that the governor is Democrat idiot. The state is a trump state and majority Republican. That's what I know as a native of Kansas that keeps up with politics.
Just so we are clear, she didn't veto it, because she supported this bipartisan piece of legislation.

Um...it certainly does matter what party the Gov is from. Laws can't be made without them signing off on the bill, more over the Gov enforces state laws, and makes policy.

hahahah geez...it doesn't matter who the Gov is? hahahaha .....

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