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Nov 22, 2003
there couldn't be a poll worth looking at, I came across this. The only one with a higher unfavorable rating was Scooter Libby, but he tied Reid in favorable, at 19%:


Harry Reid’s Favorables Fall to 19%
Saturday, June 09, 2007

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is now viewed favorably by 19% of American voters and unfavorably by 45%. Just 3% have a Very Favorable opinion while 22% hold a Very Unfavorable views.

Reid has been very visible over the past week in the furor over immigration reform. The effort to pass a bill that was more popular in Congress than among voters may have hurt public perceptions of the Democratic leader. His ratings are down from a month ago when 26% had a favorable opinion of the Democratic Senator. Reid’s highest ratings were 30% favorable in February.

Each week, Rasmussen Reports updates favorability ratings for a number of political figures and others in the news. The latest numbers for Defense Secretary Robert Gates reflect a steady decline in recent months. He is now viewed favorably by 36% of Americans and unfavorably by 34%. Last December, 49% have a favorable opinion and only 26% held a negative opinion.

Vice President Dick Cheney’s numbers held steady—38% favorable and 58% unfavorable...
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