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  • You brought up a good question so i looked it up. You cant edit a tweet. You can only delete and repost.
    LOL I can't remember where I first saw that clip. Must have been 40 years ago.
    Thanks for the rep.

    I don't know you well enough to assess whether you might be offended so I won't complete the expression, only hint that in addition to fighting with their feet they do something more intimate with the face.
    Dude,get with the program.stop listening to the CIA controlled media and what they tell you.was reading my JFK thread and saw you thanking the lies of someone that JFK got us into vietnam and esculated the war.Its well documented that he inherited it from eisenhower,was going to completely pull us out of vietnam by 1965 and that johnson reversed his policy with the phony gulf of tonkin incident and esculated the war.Handover proved it in his first post here.

    the fact you would listen to anything that resident troll dont taz me or whitehall-two resident trolls at USMB,has me worried about you fella. i hope we can discuss this in a mature way like we did in the sports section with football.hope you can be mature enough to be objective unmlike whitehall and dont taz me.those two blatanlty ignores facts and can never admit when they have been proven wrong.
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