Is this unprecedented ?


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Apr 21, 2010
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Obama broke the mold with Hillary, but the reasons most others haven't isn't because they were "minding their own business." Interesting read.

Obama is a community activist at his core. Of course he's going to get out there and fight. It's who he is.
Who he is is a nobody and a nothing you fool.
Well, I'm not the one who brought him up, am I? Why do you think the OP cared enough about his presence to question it, if he is a nobody? In the US, Obama is STILL more popular than Trump in Gallup's poll of Most Admired Man. Yeah, it's a straight popularity contest, but that sure matters to Trump's supporters. How many threads are there are every day about the size of Trump's rallies and how that proves his popularity? So Obama gets to play, too. Sorry it chaps anyone's ass.

When this survey is analyzed by country, Barack Obama (19.85 percent) was tops in the U.S., followed by Donald Trump (11.50 percent),

Instead of puffing out your chest, you should be asking why if Biden is so far ahead of Trump in these supposedly unquestionable polls, then why should Obama have to come out like he is on Biden's staff? Also, Obama is the reason we now have Trump...Popularity aside. And in closing, another thing, you people keep telling us in here anyway, that because of the high early voting going on, that we have already lost the election...Well, getting a screaming, lying Obama on the stump speaks directly against that....

No, she should be asking herself why cities are boarding themselves up in anticipation of the rioting from the friendly left wingers when Trump wins again.

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