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Nov 22, 2003
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Habit makes me share, I'm sure I'll get over it. In the meantime, Police and military, great sacrifice may be an understatement:


March 14, 2007
What it's Like to be a Cop in Fallujah, UPDATE

Posted by Bill

Last Tuesday, I published an e-mail from Fallujah Police Transition Team officer Captain Tad Scott regarding an Iraqi Police officer who suffered a horrific insurgent attack on his family. To recap:

The insurgents attacked his home, shot his wife, his mother in law, his cousin, and also tried to set his 4 year-old boy on fire in front of him. Reportedly his 12 year-old niece was being carried away by insurgents when his cousin was shooting at the bad guys that were attempting to take her away. He told me his cousin also attempted to shoot her rather than have her suffer bad things they were going to do to her. Amazingly, she was unharmed. When it was all done, his cousin was shot five times - he was critical but survived and lost his leg. His wife was shot in the back but is okay now. His mother-in-law received a pretty serious GSW to her arm. She is okay too.The Army PTT upon request took [the Iraqi officer] and his family to the airport. He had everyone but me believing he was coming back. When he got to the airport, he gave his identifications minus his passport to the army and said, give this to Capt Scott. I'm happy for him and I actually hope he doesn't come back. He is a good man and if he chose his family over this madness, I'll have even more respect for him. How can you tell a man that has nearly witnessed his 4 year-old son be lit on fire to come back and and continue on with this? That's not advising, that's impossible.
This morning I received a surprising follow-up e-mail from Captain Scott:

I can hardly believe it [the Iraqi officer] came back. His family is well hidden far from here. He is a true patriot. The real stuff. He held probably the best operation I've seen yet last night. The yield was high.
"Yield" refers to captured suspected insurgents.

Posted by Bill at March 14, 2007 08:57 AM

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