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I think we should go back to the confenderation


Democrat all the way!
Mar 16, 2010
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The Good insane United states of America
I think we should go back to the confederation that was in place from 1777-1786....

Would it be better if we broke up into 50 countries(each state becomes a nation) and we decentralize power from the federal government to them(state capitals). More or less all the states share a common market and a currency union much alike the Eu, but more inline with what we had in 1777-1786? The "federal" government would speak for the overall nation, but would have little power over local issues.

---Military action would have to be approved by 2/3rds of those nations(states). The president wouldn't have the power to declare wars or do anything with out approval of those states. His only job would be to over see and approve approved wars.
---National tax would need to be approved the same way...
---Any tax approved by 2/3rds of the states(national bodies that makes up the confederation) would then pay for the "federal government" and the defense of the overall nation.

I think we would save trillions and we would have a much weaker federal government. One that was forced to listen to the states. The states would be far more powerful being able to make there state laws on social issues like guns, killing babies, drugs, ect.

The federal government wouldn't have that power anymore. Take it all away besides defense(approved wars and border defense) and as the voice of the states to the rest of the world. Maybe a few other things. Kind of the confederation on steroids.

For Conservatives
-low taxes
-states rights
-you have a lot more power over your states and you can choose to move to one to have 100 percent access to guns,
A merit based on society

-you can do the same and have as much baby killing as you can dream
- no guns
-high taxes
-gay sex on the street

Maybe we could make a senate at the federal level as we have now, but as it was before it was taken away from the states. This body would send only one senator a piece and this senator would have to do everything the state wanted unless he or she would be removed at any time. If the state favored no tax increase at the national level then that would count against such.

This system sounds fair as it gives us both a chance to practice what we believe without forcing the other side to live with it. As the other side will be in there states enjoying what they believe.

We would never have to fear another Bush or Obama becoming dictator ever again. That is for damn sure.:eusa_pray:

Sounds fair? I hope it doesn't sound to crazy as I believe as some of the founders had some of these idea's in mind. One of the reasons for the big fight. Federalist and anti-federalist battle.

Ron Paul can be our first president!
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