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How The Soviet Bloc Failed The Workers, How Social Security. . . .


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Feb 22, 2009
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The 2% bail-out of the Total U. S. Credit Market of about $55.0 tril. is a last starting to show up in the manufacturing, and other employment sectors.

It is noted that modern, Marxist economies are no strangers to panic. The old Soviet Bloc finally dissolved, the Mainland Chinese commenced following along with the rest of centralized banking Asia, and reformed, and then there was Albania(?)!

In the United States, like in the old Soviet Bloc, and like in the Chinese economy, and even like in the regional COLA's of reform: The rich tend to get richer, and the poor tend to get poorer. Famously, the poor were unable to pay the mortgages. The rich houses all came tumbling down. The Mega-corporations, of automobile fame, were parked along the Tobacco Roads of America.

The White House even took up gardening!

Now the workers are back, if ever they had been missed(?)! Unemployment barely kissed even double digits in, "The Great Recession!" Now the temps are becoming more permanent, and the numbers of the marginally employed are less likely to be increasing.

News Headlines

That seems to be happening!

And what about the rich, invested in the equity markets? The arithmetic of fixed percentage boosts is common to all of the above, even now.

It is even reported that United States Social Security is about to pay out, more than it takes in. Seems that a flat tax, fair tax, and a fixed percentage COLA--all of Republican fame, (The Party of Abraham Lincoln)--work about as well as the Old Soviet Union, and its allied Revolutionary Parties, including of the social drink, "Tea!"

"Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
(Recalling that Her Majesty's PM did try so hard at Davos, a year or so ago, to explain about the concept of "credit" to the assembled, and former aborigines and colonials. Missing even then were Bank of America, Citibank, Wells Fargo, and others too numerous to mention!)

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