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How Can 'Doctors' Be Up To Here In Mayhem?


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Nov 22, 2003
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A psychiatric blog. Kind of like police and teachers, seems there's a dark side:


Michael Ledeen at The Corner asks,

The FT says that there are even more MDs involved in the British terrorist attacks, once again showing what a great scholar Walter Laqueur is. He was the first, so far as I know, to notice this curious phenomenon. How does one explain the disproportionately high number of medical doctors in terrorist organizations? I'm trying to get Angleton on the ouija board...

Seven doctors are now held in the recent terror plots in the UK, so Ledeen asks a pertinent question.

In those who enter the medical profession there is almost always a curious mix of motivations. The motivation most often talked about (and believe me, I have read hundreds of prospective medical students' essays on why they want to become doctors, and after a while they all merge into one long, treacly sentimental tract) is the desire to do good, to help people, and to ease suffering.

This is good and essential, obviously. But have you ever considered the reality that in order to do good; or to help people in physical pain, that you must sometimes (actually often) cause them even greater pain for a time? That, if you are a surgeon, you must find some enjoyment (or at least be able not to get sick) slicig people open or debriding wounds and mucking around in them? Even those of us who are psychiatrists must often lead the unsuspecting patient to experience (and hopefully to resolve) all the unbearable psychological pain that his psychological defenses have been mobilized to ward off.


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