happy birthday bernie !!


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Jun 19, 2010
74 years young. i guess i first met the senator about 25 or thirty years ago when he was mayor. i think he lost his first elections by 96%. talk about a comeback kid !!

so it's great to see our homeboy beating hillary in our neighbor state of new hampshire.

he's got lot's of energy, remember that filibuster.... even though he's on the other end of the political spectrum, he's still a great guy, dedicated and with a great love of state and country.

if he could just shake that socialism thing.

What Kind of Mayor Was Bernie Sanders?

“Bernie pounded his fist on the conference table in his office and told the owners, ‘Over my dead body are you going to displace 336 working families. You are not going to convert Northgate into luxury housing,’” recalled Davis, who was Sanders’s key housing aide.


hasn't changed a bit.. still feisty as hell ! anyway Everyone here in the green mountain state, wishes him a happy one.... i think he's just hitting his stride. would/will be a formidable opponent for DJT.
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