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Great News In South Carolina -- Firing Squads Are Back Baby!!

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Jun 6, 2018
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"South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster has pledged to sign legislation passed recently by state lawmakers that would allow execution by firing squad as an option for prisoners on death row if lethal injections are not available. While the U.S. has been shifting away generally from capital punishment — Virginia recently became the first southern state to outlaw it — South Carolina is moving in the opposite direction. The bill would also bring back the electric chair as an option if the state cannot obtain lethal injections. It has been 10 years since South Carolina last executed an inmate on death row, and lawmakers argue this is because pharmaceutical companies have refused to sell states the drugs to carry out lethal injections."

For a state that near the bottom for median household income, education and other economic areas; this new legislation will be a much needed boom for them. It's ridiculous that no one has been executed for 10 yrs in SC because of big pharma trying to cancel lethal injections...Now before you give too much credit to Republicans for this one; this legislation was launched by a Democrat House member....Because even he knows that we need to get their state's executions back on track...Dylan Roof has a firing squad waiting for him or better yet, an electrocution would also be awesome..it's really his choice......Either way, this is a pretty good bipartisan bill for South Carolina.
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