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Nov 26, 2011
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For the record, when shit breaks in our country, I blame...EVERYONE.

For example, the crash of 2008. I blame...everyone. The banks, the Republicans, the Democrats, the Presidents (Bush and Clinton), the ratings agencies, the borrowers, the lenders, the brokers, the dealers, the regulators, the investors, the right wing media, the left wing media.

The only people I don't blame for the crash is Al Qaeda. :D

For ObamaCare, I blame...everyone. I blame the Republicans for selling us all down the river decades ago when they completely abdicated on health care reform. I blame the Democrats for turning leeches into heroes and independent minded people into "freeloaders". I blame the Republicans for deliberately refusing to enact very simple fixes and choosing instead to force one Constitutional crisis after another. I blame the Democrats for creating a massive new entitlement program which will only hurdle us that much more quickly to financial Armageddon.

I blame every American for the $16 trillion (and counting) debt. We have become a nation of "gimme, gimme, gimme, and make that guy over there pay for it". And if you don't think your mouth is on the government tit, you are seriously deluded.

For the sluggish economic recovery, I blame...everyone. The chief reason our economic recovery has been so slow is because of the massive public and private debt overhang. The rest is theater for the rubes. Partisan media outlets have thrown up a lot of smoke and manufactured a lot of bullshit about the economy, but the simple fact is that we Americans like to spend more than we earn. We are tossing our wealth into the laps of foreign governments in exchange for Chia pets.

For just about every problem facing America, everyone is to blame. And yes, I look in the mirror quite a bit and see the guy responsible for just about every problem.

So if you think I am licking Obama's boots, and a couple years from now you think I am licking the boots of whatever Republican or Democratic asshole is President, you are gravely mistaken.

Because for me, truth and logic come before all else. I might hate the very guts, the very sound of their voice, but if you tell a lie about someone, I will defend the truth, not the person. That's just the way I am wired.

I also believe that if I am going to whine, I am obligated to provide a solution. You will find I am pretty consistent about that. And I suggest everyone do the same. "MOAR FREEDOM" or "MOAR TAXES" is not a cogent argument.

So that's me...for the record.

Oh, wait.

Yes, I am an unmitigated dick most of the time. Absolutely. There are people out here in the real world who think I have Asperger's, and they spend a lot of time pointing out things I do which support this theory, but you know what? "Asperger's" is just another name for what my generation called an asshole.

I know I am an asshole. I am very passionate about things. No doubt about it.

You can call me all the names you like. Having been raised in New England and having served 20 years in the military, I have a pretty impenetrable skin. So I don't mind if you hurl insults at me.

Okay. Done. For now. :D

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