FBI close to ID of suspect in death of Capitol Cop Brian Sicknick


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Jul 17, 2018
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YOUR Pantifa pals
YOUR Qult45 insurrectionist pals. See? I can make shit up just like you, dummy. I've never praised Antifa/BLM, so I don't know what the fuck you're on about with your pathetic digs at my politics. Sounds like your argument fell flat, stupid. Keep your boilerplate bumper sticker talking points to yourself, please, and I won't rip them apart.

You are an illiterate ass who only listens to your Dim masters and ignores reality to cope with the utter incompetence of your side.
I'm an Independent. The only idiots talking about political 'masters' are usually radicalized partisan hacks themselves. No need to self identify. Again.

Noting you couldn’t actually show anything backing your bullshit.
I gave you three links from three different POVs. I showed it to you. You pussed out like the dumb Qult45 slug you are.
Poor little lying bitch. Crying about a letter that nobody but a Dim jizz swallowing BlueAnon retard like you even brings up . Your support of BLM and Pantifa is well known. Poor pussy. Sullivan’s video proves you a liar. Being the uneducated, cowardly, lying, crying bitch you are you lie some more. See, your lies get called out and you start crying. You are bitch slapped again.

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