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Fans of Sean Hannity, Black Lives Matter among targets of Russian influence campaign


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Mar 3, 2018
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Congress releases 3,000 Russian ads — including some that targeted fans of Fox News

The means of social engineering are rather fascinating


Pushing racial division
One day after Dylann Roof killed nine black churchgoers in Charleston, a Russian propaganda account, Black Matters, gave Facebook 1,295 rubles (about $20) for one ad, seeking to capitalize on the tragedy by getting more users to follow the account.

“Sadness and shocking tragedy at historically black church in Charlestone (sic). *CLICK TO GET LIVE UPDATES ON OUR PAGE,*” the post reads. “What if America is stil (sic) a deeply racist country? What if the church is not a safe place anymore?”

In the months before the election, BlackMatters would use that same page to push the message shared by almost all of the accounts: pleading with Facebook users not to support Hillary Clinton.

“You know, a great number of black people support us saying that #HillaryClintonlsNotMyPresident! So this time we would like to make a #flashmob against #HillaryClinton because she is the real enemy of black community and our followers prove it showing their disgrace to her personality and policy,” one Black Matters post reads.​

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