1. deanrd

    CNN Media Analyst Stunned To Discover Sean Hannity Is A 'Propaganda Operative' For Trump

    CNN Media Analyst Stunned To Discover Sean Hannity Is A 'Propaganda Operative' For Trump BILL CARTER, CNN MEDIA ANALYST: What's very interesting is Hannity has been known to be known as a partisan commentator. But here he's like a propaganda operative because he's connecting with someone very...
  2. deanrd

    Is Fox News backed into a corner with their unreasoning support for Donald Trump?

    Is Fox News backed into a corner? Sean Hannity Laura Ingraham Tucker Carlson Scoreboard: Thursday, Jan. 24 Overall, Fox gets the most viewers. But it's odd that Rachael Maddow consistently leads in her time slot. But one has to wonder what is going on? Trump's approval rating is in the...
  3. deanrd

    What do you make of the confusing messages coming from Fox News?

    Which side are you on? The side of Fox? or The side of Fox?
  4. deanrd

    Do right wingers still believe Sean Hannity's Hillary nonsense?

    So I'm watching Sean Hannity tonight and he has Jim Jordan on and Sean is talking about how close they are to bringing felony charges against Hillary Clinton. I was so surprised these right wingers are still going on with that nonsense. The election was a year and a half ago. And it's Trump...
  5. NewsVine_Mariyam

    Fans of Sean Hannity, Black Lives Matter among targets of Russian influence campaign

    Congress releases 3,000 Russian ads — including some that targeted fans of Fox News The means of social engineering are rather fascinating [excerpt] Pushing racial division One day after Dylann Roof killed nine black churchgoers in Charleston, a Russian propaganda account, Black Matters, gave...
  6. S

    Jeff sessions Just Ordered A PROBE On Barack Obama With No Way Out For Obama

  7. woz75

    Sean Hannity Invests in Trump Real Estate

    “It’s all about location,” he said, “to live within earshot of the president, especially in my line of work, was an opportunity I couldn’t resist, and trust me, I got a great deal.” full report: Sean Hannity Invests in Trump Real Estate
  8. T


    3 weeks ago i watched fox, Hannity talked about how a homeless women defended the Trump star agianst black lives matter thugs. I feelt så bad for the women and i knew had to do something, a homeless woman that was beaten up for protecting our President Trump. i knew i had to do something, so i...

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