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Does the military purge foreshadow the final false flag


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Oct 14, 2016
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Danger Level Goes Up 10 Notches In America With 'Clintonistas' Backs To The Wall - Does This Recent US Military 'Purge' Foreshadow The 'Final False Flag'?

While the bombshell news story of the week that came on Friday telling us the FBI had reopened the investigation into Hillary Clinton after relevent emails were found on electronic devices of Anthony Weiner/Huma Abedin left most Donald Trump supporters thrilled and Clinton's campaign in 'freefall mode', we immediately realized these latest events also has the danger level in America going up considerably when all things are considered.
Danger Level Goes Up 10 Notches In America
This article pieces together many events a lot of ppl do not realize is going on. This site has broken a lot of stories in the past.
Like it or not there is much folding and the closer we get to the election the more danger that is on our heels in multiple ways, and it can happen in multiple ways.
It designed to confuse the public, the world leaders can't stand humanity , your leaders of the US do not give a damn about you . Logically thinking look at it this way in lets say a bomb strike, or nuke is headed for the US do you think they alert the ppl to safety first, no they usher off the almighty king and his family, and few kiss as Government officials and their families while the rest of the Country gets shanked. You first them if ever later.
Nothing says this article is a bible of facts and these events are going to occur , it is say the scenario is ripe for one or a few of these issues to take place. They are awake and realize what is going on within the nation.
Trying to gain the attention of sheep and herd them into safety , but as many sheep continue to follow the words of MSM such as the black woman getting beat up for Trump, it proves the impact MSM has on societies thinking, and yet ppl still can't or don't get the fact of Psychological warfare, how it can be used on an entire society creating just what they want and the idiots bite it time and time again.

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