DHS chief Mayorkas calls out Texas for 'failure of governance' amid illegal immigrant crisis and impeachment


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Nov 21, 2021
Shenandoah Valley of Virginia

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas called out Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Wednesday, labeling his migrant bussing policy "a remarkable failure of governance."

Mayorkas, who faces impeachment proceedings in the House for his handling of the illegal immigration crisis, blamed Abbott, a Republican, for failing to cooperate with officials in Democrat-led cities that have been overwhelmed by migrant arrivals.

"Let me identify one fundamental problem here, and that is the fact that we have one governor in the state of Texas who is refusing to cooperate with other governors and other local officials," Mayorkas said Wednesday on MSNBC's "Morning Joe."

Emphasizing the need for the country to "stand united" on immigration, Mayorkas said that "it's a remarkable failure of governance to refuse to cooperate with one's fellow local and state officials."

Always accuse the opposition of what you’re guilty of.....It is a very feminine/leftist attribute to avoid all accountability....Projection at its finest!

Look, those cities took great pleasure in declaring themselves sanctuary cities....TX is just helping them realize their full potential.

Do your part in helping them realize it. ;)

Texas has decided that they won't house illegal citizens in their state anymore. That is the responsibility of government and Mr. Abbott is performing his elected duty. Those states who openly said they were Sanctuary Cities, knowing quite well they saw very little immigrants compared to Texas; must now prove THEIR leadership and put their money where their mouth was. If Florida and Texas keep sharing this responsibility with other states, it will ensure the integrity of their systems.
I'm not surprised that a dickhead like Morning Joe would invite a dickhead like Mayorkas to come on his show. Birds of a feather. Just don't plan on learning anything useful from those two. MAGA

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