Joe Biden’s Presidency: a legacy of weakness and failure

Joe Biden’s Presidency: a legacy of weakness and failure

22 Jan 2024 ~~ By DrJohn

Joe Biden’s Presidency: a legacy of weakness and failure​


Joe Biden is a man of contradictions. When it comes to political opponents, he’s tough. He pressed his Attorney General to prosecute Donald Trump. He has the FBI targeting Trump supporters. He’s having Jan 6 protesters hit with overly harsh sentences. He had Peter Navarro and Roger Stone shackled for defying a Congressional subpoena while Hunter wasn’t touched for doing the same.
But when it comes to foreign affairs, Biden is wholly different. He is a weak man and he projects weakness. Bob Gates warned us. He said:
“I think he has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades,”​
Barack Obama warned us:
Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f–k things up,”​
Events have shown that they were both right.
Even before he was “elected” he was inviting illegals to flood in.
This is the end result of both President and Candidate Biden doing all they could to entice illegal immigration, especially by unaccompanied children. As Texas Senator Ted Cruz pointed out, Biden spent almost his entire time on the campaign trail promising that illegal immigrants who made it into the U.S. wouldn’t be deported or even turned over to immigration officials, would receive the same government benefits that American citizens do, and might even be part of a mass amnesty program.​
Last year he added incentives to illegal immigration:
WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden announced Thursday that hundreds of thousands of immigrants brought to the U.S. illegally as children will be able to apply for Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act’s health insurance exchanges.​
Now cities and states are buckling under the weight of the financial burden of having to support these illegals. Biden remained deaf, dumb and blind to the disaster he created as his loathsome head of the DHS repeatedly denied there was a crisis. Now as the illegal alien debacle spreads and an election is on the horizon Biden admits there is a border crisis but, of course, none of it is his fault. Never does he admit responsibility for a thing, but this is all his damn fault.
One of his first actions was to sign 3 Executive Orders reversing Trump border policy. Now he wants everyone to stop talking about it.
Biden has been soft on China as long as anyone can remember. China has been recruiting Biden since before 2011 when Biden begged for China to be integrated into the US as much as possible. Biden’s weak obsequiousness toward China has been profitable for the Biden mafia who have collected over $30 million from China. Now Chinese nationals pour into the country unimpeded. In the 11 months ending in August 2023, more than 45,000 of them have invaded.
Meanwhile, tens of millions from Chinese Communist Party-linked sources continue to pour into the Biden Penn Center at the University of Delaware.
Biden further showed his weakness in the clusterf**k of the 2021 Afghanistan withdrawal when he handed over the country to the Taliban.

Because of a Biden military failure to allow a sniper to engage, 13 Marines were killed. Then Biden went out and had a family of 10 blown up while telling us they got an ISIS-K leader.

Biden spokesman John Kirby (a former admiral, FFS) said he saw no chaos at Kabul. Additionally, Kirby (competing with the Muppet KJP for title of The Biggest Liar) said Biden was “proud” of the disaster.
In 2022 Biden said that he wouldn’t mind a Russian “minor incursion” into Ukraine, a signal which Putin understood. Now, billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of lives later, the conflict has been a stalemate for more the two years.
Biden’s policy toward Iran has been one of appeasement. In 2021 he rescinded Trump’s sanctions on Iran, which backs the Houthis and Hamas. Then in 2022 Biden restored a sanctions waiver which allowed Iran to “continue work on civil nuclear projects at Iran’s Bushehr nuclear power station, Arak heavy water plant and the Tehran Research Reactor.” This allowed Iran to accumulate enough fissionable material for “several” nuclear warheads.
Joe Biden has been wrong about foreign policy since forever and continues to be. We are now entangled in multiple conflicts without an end in sight. No one is happy. The Middle East was relatively peaceful under Trump. Now it’s a complete disaster. Biden’s hatred of Trump has led to one dismal failure after another. But then, he never was good at much aside from grifting.
Many of us never underestimated Biden’s ability to f**k things up.

This is a succinct coverage of Joe Biden's 3 year history proves Biden is a Clear and Present Danger to America
It’s not like any of this comes as a surprise. Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden has always been incompetent, corrupt and vindictive. Only DNCCP Socialits bring Fascism into our government.
Voting Democrat puts the entire free world at risk.
From the beginning Joe's election has been suspect. Now after three years it can be almost certain that the bundling of mail in votes and the abnormalities of the election may have been true all along.
We can blame those who stole the election for Biden. The government controlled media is more guilty than in this regard.

HE's been a stupid and lazy man for 50 years. so no way we can excoriate him and not his followers too.

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