Devil's Night (October 30): Coronavirus Diaries


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Sep 22, 2013
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Every October in America, the night before Halloween Eve, October 30, is marked as Devil's Night, which since about the 1940s in America, in major US cities including Detroit and Philadelphia, people have seen acts of arson and random vandalism. This socialized ritual usually involves youngsters engaged in harmless pranks in neighborhoods such as the wrapping of lawn trees with toilet paper, but acts of arson and vandalism were sometimes seen, requiring prompt responses from police and firemen. During this Coronavirus quarantine age, we might consider how Devil's Night adds something new to this otherwise dioramic annual festival of Samhain-Halloween every October. What do you think? What will you be watching on TV on Devil's Night this year?


The occurrences on Devil's Night in years past in American cities has created a special folkloric view on the quality and nature of the goosebumps filled Halloween-Samhain season. Incidents of arson and more serious vandalism have prompted concerns about the nature of social anarchy however!


If you're an artist or a writer, you might consider why Devil's Night makes for peculiar views and stances on the nature of anarchy even in our democratic and peace-loving United States. After 9/11, maybe we're all on edge about how the world sees America as a culture and society.


Popular films and musicians have portrayed Devil's Night as a face of special occurrence and a time to reflect on values and the disintegration of values. We're compelled to think about what upholds social sanity in these rituals of annual mischief. Weird stuff, right?


Otherwise, Halloween is marked by a time of great storytelling and costumes and decorations and moonlight. Devil's Night only comes the night before Halloween Eve, and we're almost guarded spiritually by the force of those glowing pumpkins in the fields. Americans love Halloween.


Fortunately, servicemen during the Coronavirus quarantine will ensure that Devil's Night in America does not exceed the bounds of normal human imagination!


Maybe we need a good comic book movie about Devil's Night during the Coronavirus quarantine and a valiant comic book 'anti-hero' who deals with anarchy on such a night in America.


"The only thing we have to fear itself" (FDR). What did he really mean by this?


Stay safe, stay indoors, stay tuned, and of course, stay delicious!


"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)

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Feb 7, 2019
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Some places in the north east called it gate night...I may of done a couple of stoooooopid things as a kid with friends on gate night ...maybe :stir:

Egging ...getting egged and covered in shaving creame

was always a blast

Trick or treating with my best friend as a kid we'd just raid or dads closets put burnt charcoal on our faces and go as dirty bums

Today Charcoal on ones face for whatever reason is Waycisssss !
Cause the progressives say so ......totalitarian animals !

I hope they don't knock on any fat progressive lady's door
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