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DEM's Hiroshima 'Obama Was Here'


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Dec 2, 2013
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"The neutron bomb that hit the DEM party had written on it's nose Obama Was Here'"
From back to front top to bottom Obama's 'legacy' is one of annihilation of the DEM party.
I don't blame Obama. He was never fit for the job.
He couldn't do it.
Everyone knew this fact six months into his presidency.
Like the Dallas Cowboys hiring a head coach from a fucking high school team because his skin color was the same as most of the players.
He stumbled and bowed and begged all over the globe.
He couldn't take the wheel off his own 'girly bike' for Christ's sake!
I blame those who voted for him. The negro 'block vote'. The White guilt soccer moms. The Coastal 'elites'.
The LIB MSM. The LIB professors who give failing grades to anyone they suspected was a REP.
Bare, Ruined Choirs - Commentary Magazine

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