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Barry, GM Double Down On Volt...


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Nov 12, 2009
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In a galaxy far far away...
Well folks this is what happens when the government sticks its nose into big business, one that it owns.

The unpopular Chevy Volt that they can't give away even with generous tax credit rebates for consumers dumb enough to buy one, is about to have company in the Government Motors stable of brands. In late 2013 GM will begin producing the first luxury plug-in hybrid electric vehicle known as the Cadillac ELR.

As a sales and marketing guy, I'm scratching my head wondering what in the world the marketing strategery behind this crazy move could possibly be? They've got one golf-cart car that is virtually not selling at all. Carrying the Chevrolet label, it's targeted at a demographic they thought would provide a viable customer base for the $40,000+ car with a generous rebate for only those whose credit ratings qualify them for it. Now though the bottom line is they've got their version of the Edsel on their hands. And in response to that failure they think it's a good ideal to introduce an even more expensive model and hang their most prestigious label on it, Cadillac? Call me a cynic but in my opinion all they're going to prove is they're capable of taking one expensive business failure and make an even bigger one. Ah, but it'll be a Cadillac!

Course come January Barry's gonna be out of a job so maybe Government Motors will hire him as the Cadillac ELR spokesperson. Then the only question would be...Negro dialect or not?

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