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  • The three-light traffic signal, refrigerated trucks, automatic elevator doors, color monitors for desktop computers, to the shape of the modern ironing board, the clothes wringer, blood banks, laser treatment for cataracts, home security systems and the super-soaker for starters.
    I usually enjoy your posts. Sadly, your John Brown thread missed the mark. The leftists rewrite history, no doubt, but you failed to prove your point. Happily some responders, able to read your mind, had your back. Hopefully, you won't rely on that.

    Best wishes.
    Hope this holiday season be filled with prosperity and happiness for you and your family. With warm greetings to you from mine and may you and yours experience many more.

    Happy Holidays!
    cant believe nobody else has posted here since my last visit. well anyways,while im glad you are objective about reagan and have not fallen for the lies by the CIA media all these years that he was a great president,too bad you cant do the same about jfk,you have really fallen for the lies of the CIA controlled media about him,had nicon got elected,we for SURE would have had a nuclear war and would never be here right now.

    you ignored everything in my op woman.
    finishing up here-

    Not only would we have had it,but Nixon would have gotten us into world war three because had you read that entire post,you would have seen that he said in later years,he would have gone in and bombed cuba like the military wanted Kennedy to do but he wisely resisted.

    We never would have had the vietnam war had Kennedy lived either because its a well known fact he was going to completely pull out by 1965.thats been documented.Johnson reversed Kennedys policy.Johnson and Nixon murdered those 58,000 americans,dont know where you are getting these ideas that vietnam and the cuban missile crisis might not have happened had Nixon been elected but your way off base here and not even close

    .Nixon didnt want the vietnam war to end,he was forced to by the american public and we already know Nixon would have gotten us into world war 3 back then during the cuban missile crisis that would have happened no matter who was the president.
    Hi,just wanted to say it doesnt look like you read the entire thread here word for word. delected-in-1960-instead-of-nixon.html

    Had Nixon been elected in 1960 we would still have had the cuban missile crisis.dont know where people get that delusional idea that we wouldnt.

    It didnt matter who was president,we still would have had it.The Missile crisis came about because Eisenhower installed missiles in Turkey.They were already there when Kennedy took office so thats WHY we had the cuban missile crisis.Kruschev was trying to get Kennedy to remove the missles Eisenhower put there.
    Hi, I've just answer yr #148 comment, with my #156, Please read it; some other guys has starting to comment, won't you make merrier?
    Hi, I've just answer yr #148 comment, with my #156, Please read it; some other guys has starting to comment, won't you make merrier?
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