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The female vote...it's not all about their lady parts.


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Aug 4, 2011
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Hilarious..and true:

"...a complete loss of grip on reality rarely holds the pundit class back from throwing outraged tantrums about how politicians are failing to address the “women vote” and desperately counting the minutes of each debate devoted specifically to “women’s issues,” as though 51% of the voting public were not so much concerned with the state of the economy, the likelihood of Americans to be murdered in cold blood abroad or the possibility that their government is completely bankrupting their children, but rather, what they regularly do with their vagina and whether or not politicians will pay for their gynecological bills. Oh, and occasionally, its assumed all women love teachers. Or something.
At any rate, this cycle has been no exception, and while the Obama campaign has courted the ladyvote by appealing directly to the health, well-being and determined childlessness of their ladyparts, the Romney campaign has focused more closely on economic issues and having a really hot Vice Presidential candidate. Both seem to have some measured success: the former with a bunch of single women who get their voter information from Jersey Shore reruns and magazines that give you diet advice and sex tips (followed by schizophrenic commentary on the oppressive focus society puts on weight and sexual desirability), the latter with suburban mothers, educated professionals, people who are out of work, and people who care not to have the Middle East become a sparkling sea of green glass."

Lady-voters voting with lady parts may actually be voting for Mitt Romney. :: Naked DC

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