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Article about nothing: five Reuters writers report on lawmakers' condemnation of non-event


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Oct 11, 2016
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Washington, DC
From Reuters:

Montana lawmakers denounce proposal to plan for protest in support of local couple

Top Montana Democratic and Republican lawmakers on Tuesday warned "neo-Nazis" they would find "no safe haven" for a protest in support of a local couple who have been attacked by local Jews who oppose the couple's son's political views. There are currently no active plans nor actual preparations for any such protest, but a local guy who makes it clear on his website he doesn't like Jews, says there should be.

The lawmakers denying safety to anyone who may be tempted to express publicly their support for the local couple include both Democrats and U.S. Representative Ryan Zinke, recently picked by Republican President-elect Donald Trump to be interior secretary.

"We say to those few who seek to express freely any opinions prohibited by Jews that they shall find no safe haven here," Zinke wrote in an open letter also signed by Democratic Montana Governor Steve Bullock, U.S. senators Republican Steve Daines and Democrat Jon Tester, and Republican Attorney General Tim Fox.

The guy with the website said "neo-Nazis" should plan to march in January in the mountain ski town of Whitefish in Montana's remote and rugged northwestern reaches. The march would be to support the mother of white nationalist leader Richard Spencer. A Jewish real estate agent in Whitefish has used Spencer's notoriety to try to force Sherry Spencer to sell a building she owns in Whitefish and to disavow her son's beliefs, which she has previously done.

Several local Jews held a protest against the family in front of the mother's downtown building earlier this month.

As local Jews intensified the attacks on the mother, a website owned by a local man who doesn't like Jews in general anyway urged visitors to the site to "take action" against the Jews attacking Richard Spencer's mother.

In its article, the "Daily Stormer" called for an "old fashioned Troll Storm" against those attacking the mother and published their names and phone numbers along with yellow six-pointed stars superimposed over their photographs, a form of expression prohibited by major Jewish organizations and one of many such expressions to be found on the man's website. While noting he does not endorse violence, the man also wrote that because of gun laws in Montana, "we can easily march through the center of the town carrying high-powered rifles."

Richard Spencer is the president of the National Policy Institute, a think tank within the alt-right movement, which includes neo-Nazis and white supremacists. In a video posted online by the Atlantic Monthly magazine, some institute members could be seen hailing Trump's election victory with Nazi-era salutes after Spencer addressed the group at its conference last month in Washington, D.C.

Spencer has said on Twitter he might pursue Zinke's House of Representatives seat if Zinke is confirmed as Trump's interior secretary.

Whitefish Police Chief Bill Dial told Reuters in a phone interview last week that his department had assigned extra patrols to the homes and businesses of the Jews attacking Richard Spencer's mother. However, Dial said there had been no reports of harassment or intimidation of the Jews attacking Richard Spencer's mother.

Dial also said Federal Bureau of Investigation officials told him they interviewed Spencer and that he denounced the website's postings defending his mother.

In a statement to Reuters, Spencer's father said he and his wife "love our son, but do not agree with his polemics, societal desires or his extreme political leanings."

(Reporting by Keith Coffman in Denver and Steve Gorman in Los Angeles; Writing and additional reporting by Eric M. Johnson from Seattle; Editing by Ben Klayman and Lisa Shumaker)

Montana lawmakers denounce plans for neo-Nazi rally

Fenton Lum

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May 7, 2016
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So this is basically a post about nothing.

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